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Long Distance Moving Services

If you arent sure where to start with planning for a long-distance move, it can feel extremely stressful. If you cannot find the right movers for the job, the execution can become very frustrating. There can be a high risk of damages, delays in the move, and other such issues if you are relying on a non-professional company just to save a few bucks. This is where Expert Houston Movers comes in.

If you want to hire premium moving services from an experienced moving company in Houston at an affordable rate, Expert City Movers has you covered. We take pride in being a reliable moving company. Having years of experience with providing exemplary relocation services under our belts, we have earned a great reputation with the residents of Houston. We also work in Dallas area

At Expert City Movers, we specialize in providing long-distance moving services for both residential and commercial establishments. Whether you want to relocate your office or home, all you have to do is reach out to us and we handle everything for you. No matter how big or small your home or office is, we will transport all the belongings in a professional manner to your new address.

Here is how our long-distance moving process works:

When a client contacts us for our long-distance moving services, our highly trained customer services representative will assist you in drafting a comprehensive moving plan. This plan is based on numerous factors such as the number of items to move, distance from the old address to the new address, fragility of items etc. This plan is then reviewed by our client and then finalized. Then, on the day of the scheduled move, the plan is executed by our experienced movers in a thorough, professional manner.

On moving day, we will arrive full prepared with packing boxes, wrapping materials, tools and equipment. Our skilled movers will be able to pack and prepare your belongings for transport. Everything will then be loaded to the moving vehicle safely and secruely to insure no damages or losses. Once they have reached the destination, your belongings are unloaded and unpacked at their new addresses according to your specifications.

One of the prominent features of our long-distance moving services that make us the best moving company, Houston is damage-free transit. Because our moving company is completely insured, you can rest assured that any damage or loss will not go overlooked. In the unfortunate event that any items are damaged, they will be covered by insurance.

At Expert City Movers, we take every precaution necessary to provide the absolute best moving experience to our clients. Our main goal is customer satisfaction while offering the most affordable rates.

To get a free quote on our long-distance moving services or if you have any other query, feel free to contact us. You can call us at (713) 369-1989 or email us at